About Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones works in cooperation with several charter schools throughout Southern California.  Stepping Stones offers a learning center for both homeschooling and independent study learning.  Our focus is a personalized education for each student.  We believe the best way to change tomorrow is to invest in our children today.

It is the mission of Stepping Stones Learning Centers to promote academic success, caring for our communities, and partnering students with successful business leaders.  Through our partner schools, we offer a variety of classes that will ensure your student’s participation and equip them for the university, college, or trade school of their choice.  We believe in investing in productive and self-directed learners, responsible and ethical citizens, independent thinkers, decision makers and problem solvers, and effective communicators.

Not every student fits into the traditional school model and Stepping Stones exists to meet the educational needs of every student that chooses to find academic success.  Each student is responsible to develop their own educational and career goals to help them stay on course to becoming all that they desire to be.  In addition to completing the basic academic requirements for high school graduation and college/university requirements, each student will discover a potential career path, which may include technical courses, visual and performing arts, apprenticeships, internships, and service learning projects.


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